Door Alarms

When your loved one begins to wander, it is a must to have door and window security alarms. As wandering and getting lost is a somewhat common and unfortunate event that occurs with Alzheimer’s patients, it is pivotal to have a way to alert yourself if they leave through the window or door in the middle of the night or at another time when they’re supposed to stay in the house. An Alzheimers wireless door alarm is probably your best bet, and you can purchase one here.

Check out our many GE alarm systems that are excellent for alerting you to when someone is leaving the house unexpectedly. A GE wireless alarm system is worth looking at as well, and you’ll be certain to increase your Alzheimers home safety by keeping one of these in your home. If your loved one does manage to get lost somewhere, however, it’s also important to have an Alzheimers GPS device so that you are able to track where they have gone in an automobile to keep them from getting into any serious trouble and find them more easily.

We also carry a number of Alzheimer dementia books and other books about dealing with Alzheimer’s in a variety of ways, as well as an essential Alzheimer’s Caregivers Guide. In addition to all this, we carry products related to incontinence and Alzheimers, such as disposable underwear and reusable bedpads to help assist with some of the unfortunate side effects of Alzheimer’s disease. All of these products and more are intended to give caregivers an easier time when it comes to taking care of their loved ones.

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